About Arham Yuva Group

Born in a small family and having faced a lot of hardships in his own life, it was Gurudev’s dream and mission to reach out and help thousands of needy people who wake up every single day and live without the basic necessities available to them.

Embodied with the principal of “paropkar se parmatma tak” (reaching god through means of helping a society) Arham Yuva Group was started as a small group, 6 years back. Arham Yuva Group has from then grown to a 56 centre programme with thousands a part of it as volunteers. Chennai is blessed to have Gurudev visit us, and inspire us to be a hub of all social activities for Arham Yuva group in all of Tamilnadu. Chennai group received 102 enrollment forms within a day of announcement from Gurudev. An elected 5 member body now leads the group activities.

All Arham centers run directly under the direction of Pujya Gurudev. While all of Arham centers are individual bodies, with individual funds, and activities, the funds are centrally managed, audited and then are made available for individual centers to be used.

All of the activities carried out by individual bodies are independent of the central group, Gurudev wishes that the centers carry out a couple of activities by default.

1. Choka Dan (Rice donation or Annadanam)

2. Pasthi collection (old news paper collection)

According to gurudev, and a ton of statistics made available by the government of India, many people in this country wake up hungry and sleep hungry. Gurudev believes that all the people in this world should be provided with basic amenities, more importantly food, to help them live their life, and sometimes even take care of the families. “If the food is taken care of, they will find ways to earn a living.”

Arham Yuva Group, on occasions such as Paryushan, Mahaveer Jayanti, and occasions that bring a huge gathering of Jains, have Choka dan stalls in place. Packets of rice are made available which donors can buy and provide to Arham’s volunteers. Arham Yuva Group then uses this Rice to cook healthy and nutritious food, to feed the less fortunate people.

Pasthi Collection – Arham Yuva Group volunteers visit societies and apartments across Chennai to collect old news paper from people on a regular basis and sell them off to news paper marts, generating funds required to run the social service. Each centre is then allowed to use the amount raised through Pasthi collection for any social activities they would like to carry out.

To become part of Pasthi collection drive or the Choka Dan initiative (volunteer or donate), please contact us.

We, at Arhma Yuva Group, are only a medium to help you reach out to the people who need your help. Arham Yuva Group’s activities completely depend on funds collected through different mediums. To make a contribution, please visit the ‘Donate’ section of this blog.

Do not forget to read about the activities that we have executed to date… All entries are filed under the category: Arham Yuva Group.

Follow us on Facebook for latest updates. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to listen to Gurudev’s powerful vani (speech).

Jai Jinendra. Jai Gurudev.


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