Bhagwan Mahaveer’s Aagam – Sri Thanang Sutra

As the man experiences the soul, and gets inclined towards spirituality, his willingness to learn subjects on different matters increases. His Curiosity to learn about life increases, his curiosity to understand the reason for his birth, the means to understand the world around him, the curiosity just increases one after the other.

Lord Mahaveer was aware of the different interests of the people. He therefore unfolded the essence of the Aagam’s in different subjects like arithmetic, history, geography, psychology, economics, social studies, Environmental sciences etc. The first ten chapters of the Sri Thananga Sutra cover various topics and realities surrounding the world of astrology. various other topics surrounding the world of mathematics are also covered in this book, and is illustrated in such a simple fashion that once you read them, you are able to memorize them.

Again, no part of this blog are actual definitions or translations of gurudev’s preaching. It is written as understood by a follower. In this blog, and the later ones that follow related to the Aagams, the writer uses portions as read for the book called: “Aagam – an Introduction” by editor Gunvant barvalia, released on 02-Oct-2012, at the Aagam Ahimsa Runn Yatra 2012.

Importance of the stars

It is said that there are 10 constellations that help broaden our spiritual knowledge.

  1. Mrugshirsh (fifth lunar constellation)
  2. Aadra
  3. Pushya
  4. Purva aashada
  5. Purva Bhadrapada
  6. Purva Falguini
  7. Mool
  8. Ashlesha
  9. Hast
  10. Chitra

It is evident from the Thanang Sutra that one’s intellectual powers increases with the effect of the stars. These stars or constellations orbit around the universe with their own speeds. The speed of these constellations are slightly more than the moon, and therefore at one point all of these stars align with the moon and earth. This activity is known to happen once in a month, and when all of these stars align in line with the moon and the earth, it is understood as the best time to start learning something new.

The radiation from these stars have an effect on the brain, and therefore it is advised that one should seek education on the open air or rooftop during the time when these starts are in alignment with the moon.

Subjects by definition and varied interests

Expanded information on how to get rain, the amount of water in each river, How to escape from radiation, How to remove Bhoot (devils soul) from ones body are well described in this book. The description of how the water level of Ganges will only be as much as to submerge half of the bullock cart wheel during the sixth era is explained in this book.

This Aagam also teaches us the three ways to protect the soul, It explains how to come out of a controversy with someone, of how you can free your soul from binding to any additional karma by arguing by use of principle of science.

To get out of a controversy, you should first try to explain your viewpoint while also trying to respect and understand others view-point, it is then better to keep quiet if the controversy were still on. If by no means the controversy stops, Mahaveer explains why it is better to leave the place.

It is understood by science that heat is generated by friction, and that friction reduces with distance; therefore the intensity of the the storm will reduce as you distance yourself from it thereby helping yourself of any additional karma that you will bind to your soul by means of argument or anger.

Moving on

With this, Mahaveer leads us into the next Aagam called the Samavayanga Sutra. In this Aagam Bhagwan mahaveer describes how one can handle arguments, controversial topics or confusions by following a systematic approach, of how ego and arrogance leads to unhappiness in one’s life.

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Jai Jinendra. Jai Gurudev.


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