Happy 42nd Gurudev

How do you celebrate the birthday of a man who has left everything that the sansar has to offer? As Gurudev would call it, all celebrations are only temporary happiness. For a man who does not expect anything out of people who meet him day in and day out, what is the gift that he will remember, and that he will be able to take to his next births. All fo Arham Yuva group members, and Look n learn didi’s were faced with this particular situation.

As a guru, he doesn’t expect people to come out with a Birthday cake, he doesn’t want thousands to gather around him and celebrate it. For him, it’s just a year that has passed, and with every passing year, he is losing out on the time that he needs to teach and preach the power of Jain religion to his followers, and their friends.

Gurudev believes in giving more than taking, a happy birthday card meant that he would read it once and put it off. You gift him a handmade idol, and he’d look at it and give it back to you. When you think of this situation, you wonder that picking a gift for a loved one is so much easier. There were discussions for hours to identify the best way to showcase the love we had for Gurudev, only then an idea stuck.

A dance performance signifying ideas that he had thought us. Also, a performance by the look n learn kids and didi’s. It was planned that a full length song will be performed with the volunteers forming three figures that symbolized preachings of Gurudev.

1. Spiral – Signifying he colours of Aura around a soul

2. Lotus – Signifying peace within a soul

3. Pyramid – Signifying the missions of Gurudev. (one of which is to open people’s eyes to their real identity, and to take them on a path that leads to parmatma)

Look n Learn didi’s were not behind, a special dance performance showcased the love they had for Gurudev. Kids and their parents queued up as early as 5.30 in the morning dressed with birthday caps and baloons. For a complete minute to minute understanding of what happened in the one hour that was celebrated, visit out page: facebook.com/AYGChennaiChapter.

Arham Yuva Group volunteers had also planned a blood donation camp. People came forward and helped make this mission succesfull. Over 100 units of blood was collected that day. Volunteers manned with containers of cooked rice proceeded to various venue’s, including child homes, old age people homes, mercy homes and the cancer hospital in Chennai to distribute free meals with the rice that was collected as part of the “Choka Dan” campaign.

Arham Volunteers even visited the “gowshala” (homes for cows that were saved from slaughter houses) to help and signup for the care of 43 cows for as long as they can. This was done thanks to the support of people from chennai as part of Gurudev’s birthday activity. They fed gree grass and other food items to these cows.

The smiles on the faces of the volunteers was one to remember as they were able to make a difference to the lives of the needy for atleast one day. Arham Yuva Group is now actively planning many such events on a regular basis, to make this a everyday activity.

“Did Gurudev like it? What were his thoughts?” asked people who had ome into CU shah Bhavan for the daily preaching with gifts for Gurudev. Everyone was keen on listening to what he had in his mind.

The first thing that Gurudev asked the people who wished him “Happy Birthday”… “Are you celebrating the birth of my body or the birth of my soul?”… Silence filled the hall. A new thought process is born as highlighted in the next blog… “What should you celebrate?”…

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Jai Jinendra. Jai Gurudev.


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