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Aagam Mahotsav 2012

Fulfilling one of Gurudev’s dream, the Global Aagam Mission, aimed at translating the spiritual scriptures – aagamas (preachings of Lord Mahaveer), people from all parts of Chennai and rest of India will take part in what will be a historical event on the land of Chennai – The Aagam mahotsav 2012.

Aagam mahotsav, planned with an aim of spreading awareness of the Aagamas amongst people of Chennai, and through the medium of internet – across the world, will be held in Chennai between the 26th of September 2012 to 2nd October 2012. Continue reading


Global Aagam Mission

Dreams visualized in sleep are often forgotten as soon as we open our eyes, whereas, If the same was dreamt and visualized with our eyes wide open, and with effort  put towards realizing it, it becomes our Destiny.

Yug Divakar Pujya Gurudev has visualized several such dreams. His endless faith and tireless efforts has helped millions of people become a part of his world missions including Arham Yuva Group, Look ‘n’ Learn, Parasdham, Pavandham, Pavitradham and many more. His current dream, the english translations of preachings of Lord Mahavira – Aagamas. An aim, to help people of India and the rest of the world who predominately understand English. Continue reading

Pasthi Collection

“Donation is the first dharma of every human being” as described by Lord Mahaveer.

Every city that Pujya Gurudev visits, he helps the people in that city endure on a new mission. A mission designed by Gurudev to help not only the people who benefit from it, but also for the people who volunteer to run it. Two such key missions that Chennai has already endured upon is: Look n learn, and Arham Yuva group.

One of Arham Yuva group’s key activities as commissioned by Gurudev is the pasthi collection programme. Pasthi – meaning old news papers. Continue reading

No compare… No Complaints…

One of the key takeaways from Gurudev’s daily preaching’s was this: “No compare… No complaints”. Come to think of it, it’s a simple rule one can apply to lead a happier life. There are however hidden meanings behind every sentence that a guru makes, and this again is one of them. I’m going to on this blog try and explain what that is.

Disclaimer: The following blog is not a translation of Gurudev’s preaching, and just something I as one of his followers has understood. If there are mistakes in my understanding, please forgive me and feel free to correct them in the comments below. I will update the blog as necessary.

The concept of Runanubandh (relationship of the souls)… Continue reading

Arham Chennai’s first

arham logoWith Gurudev’s Aagna (permission), help from a few registered Arham volunteers and a heartful of willingness to raise its first funds, During the Parvadiraj Paryushan 2012, Arham Yuva Group at Chennai planned their first “choka dan” initiative. Ready packets of rice, each priced at Rs. 25 a kilo, were made available at each of these counters for people to donate. With Gurudev’s blessings and to support his mission, people donated huge amounts. At the end of 8 days, the collections reached Continue reading

Jai Jinendra. Jai Gurudev.

Our first post.

“Parmatma Mahaveer na shri charno ma bhav poorvak vandan”… “Yug divakar, param pujya shri Namramuni Maharaj Saheb na shri charno ma bhav poorvak vandan”

The core team behind this blog went through mulitple rounds of discussion not knowing what our first blog post should be. Should it be about the Arham Yuva Group’s chennai chapter, whose activities we plan to promote and publish. Should it be about Bhagawan Mahaveer who has inspired may of us including Pujya Gurudev or should it be about Gurudev who has inspired us on so many levels or should it just be Jai Jinendra.

We were not sure and hence we bring just about everything in the first blog post.

Of everything that has inspired us Continue reading