Maha Pasthi Ahiyaan 3 – Pasthi se Pusthak

AYSG - Thank You - MPA3After the success of AYG’s #DonateBlanket activity across India. Arham Yuva Group mobilized it’s 1500+ volunteer task force from 55+ centers across India towards one cause: Education.

We mobilized the entire task force of volunteers from young to old to collect Pasti from across India towards the cause of Education of Under privileged children. Thanks to the effort of the volunteers and kind donations from its donors, the total pasti (old newspapers, books, magazines) collected was: 19,000+ kgs (Chennai) with an all India total of: 1,51,000 + kgs.

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Activity: Dec 2014, Jan 2015

Pasthi - 11-Jan-2015 With over 5 tonnes of Pasthi collected in the last two months Arham Yuva group – Chennai Chapter was able to do not one but two activities back to back.

Activity 1: Donating Daily need items like toiletries, and a full day meal sponsor at “Chennai Middle School” in chetpet, Chennai. The home lodges at least 40+ young women, and receives it’s funds from the Government.

Activity 2: On the occasion of “Louis Briale” day (4-Jan-2014), AYG Chennai Chapter was invited to be among 100+ blind people from across Chennai. The gathering was an occasion for donors to help understand the daily lives of the people who do various jobs like selling toys, agarbathis Continue reading

Activity: Diwali 2014

AYG - Diwali 2014We are glad to report this event! It brings joy on the faces of volunteers whenever there is a mention of our Annual Diwali activity. Thank you donors for making our Grand Diwali activity a resounding success.

AYG Chennai on behalf of it’s donors, sponsored a full day meal with one set of new clothes to all of the 650+ children whom we like to call VIP’s to attend a common Diwali function from various parts of Chennai! Some of the fun events for the children included dance, music, mimicry, celeb photo op’s and goodies!

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What does it mean to be loved?

We fail to realize that sometimes we forget to thank the people and god for providing us a good life. A life that we are happy about, and filled with people who make us happy. This blog is an attempt to making people realize what it means to be loved.

“When I was born, my grandfather distributed sweets to the entire colony. The same happened when my sister was born, or when my cousins were born. I also remember the joy ride that I had on my father’s shoulder in a park. I remember how my mother used to put a few rupees in my pocket so that I could spend it when I needed it. I also remember how sister who played cricket with me in the small alley of our rented house.

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Humanity – It is within all of us

We are humans. The 21st century lot, is smarter and equipped with information at their finger tips. They have gadgets that give them information within seconds. All this, thanks to the modern technology. We are so convininiently tucked into the comfort of our homes, that we forget and ignore the real problems that surround the society.

When the Uttarakhand floods happened, we were really shocked and sad to see the reality behind the disaster. Continue reading

Pasthi Collection – 13-Jan-2013

Report - 13-Jan-13 - 1000+ KGSClose to 35 volunteers of Arham Yuva Group – Chennai  joined hands and collected over 1000 kgs of old news papers from apartments and individual houses spread across purusaiwalkam and parts of vapery, Chennai. The donors pleased with our revisit also donated cash in large amounts. 

With the funds raised through various activities, AYG chennai chapter is currently planning a large number of service projects. To be a part of this contact us. Jai Jinendra. Jai Gurudev.